We believe in the emotional connection between humans and the environment and the capacity of landscapes to nurture and support our souls.

We build outdoor living spaces that positively impact our clients; gardens to discover wonder, civic spaces that inspire engagement, private yards for family bonding and the special nooks that link us together.

We work at all scales and provide full consultation services from municipal permitting through to construction administration. If you value high quality design and craftsmanship in construction, we want to work with you.


The Design Process

The design process allows us to establish the best solutions and strategies to achieve the desired landscape. It is a collaborative process between clients, consultants and designers that ensures our project goals are realized.

Project Start-up/ Client Review

Initial team meeting and site analysis to review existing conditions and discuss project goals. We walk the site and document its intrinsic qualities, understanding how the architecture relates to the site and the site to its surroundings.

Site Analysis

Site analysis sets the context for design and establishes the municipal context for permits. Includes site survey & inventory, context photos and identifies any unique regulatory requirements.

Schematic Design/Rezoning

The schematic design stage establishes form and character and gives the clients the first ‘peak’ at the design and layout. At this stage we ensure key programmatic elements are included and that municipal requirements are addressed.

Design Development/Permit Drawings

Final design drawings are approved by client and form the basis for permit drawings (DP/BP). Final drawings include site layout, grading and drainage, planting plan, lighting and projects specifications. Also included at this stage are cost estimates & detail drawings.

Construction Administration

We are involved throughout the construction phase to review and approve site layout, review landscape materials, plant material and plant layout. We provide field reports, site instructions, deficiency reports and landscape schedules if required.

Public Presentation/Engagement

If applicable, we can present the project to design panel or to the public at public engagement events. We will prepare the materials and the presentation specific to the audience.

“Drawings help people to work out intricate relationships between parts”

- Christopher Alexander