Julie Wong

Julie joined the Bearmark design team in the Spring of 2021. She holds a Master degree in Landscape Architecture from University of Toronto and a Bachelor degree of Fine Arts from University of British Columbia. Her work as a landscape designer combines her love for spatial design and the natural environment. She aims to connect people to meaning with the land, unearthing emotions and memories from the everyday mundane. She believes every garden has the potential to bring delight and calm to its dweller.

At Bearmark, Julie engages clients in the design process by illustrating transformative spaces through hand drawing and computer rendering. Together with the Bearmark team she aims to create impactful landscapes that enrich the communities around us.

Julie enjoys sketching in place, adding new plants to her repertoire, and personally testing new playgrounds. When she is not drafting a better world you can find Julie exploring the city on foot or hiking in the scenic outdoors of British Columbia.