Langley Memorial Hospital-Emergency Department Entrance

Location: Langley

Client: Developer

Design+Build: Bearmark Design+Landscape


Opening its doors in May 2021, the new Langley Memorial Hospital Emergency Department is a one story addition to the existing Hospital. Increasing capacity, the expanded department is now better equipped to provide critical care for this expanding community.

Working in collaboration with Kristina Reich Architecture, the Bearmark team helped to design and coordinate the expanded parking and new building’s entryway landscape, which now acts as the main entrance to the site.

Providing respite for both patients and staff, the significant landscaped areas have a mix of places to sit and exciting softscape with year round interest, which is meant to be an active part in one’s experience at the hospital.With clear views from the building outside, well placed trees and hedges provide shade and privacy where needed. Coordinated softscape areas serve as infiltration points for rainwater, with locally adapted and drought tolerant plants resilient enough to persevere through the climatic swings of the regions wet winters and dry summers.